Nat waitin' around.

Hello, everyone! Last Saturday, my friends and I had a little tea party to celebrate the end of the semester which we then realized was also the end of Fashion Year I (WHAT?!?!).

Hello, everyone! I hope this past week went well for you all. Last December, my family and I went to the Philippines and while I was there I found a cute little shop called Typo.  I got really excited and bought way more stuff than I had the budget for but OH WELL. I GOT A STAMP MAKING KIT, YOU GUYS.

Hello, everyone! It is now (already??!!!) April and since it is National Poetry Month, I thought I'd share some of my favourite spoken word poems with some of my favourite lines from each. If you have a favourite that you'd like to share, do leave a link in the comments. I love finding new artists. :)

I hope you guys all have a lovely Easter weekend!