Tea Party!

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Nat waitin' around.

Hello, everyone! Last Saturday, my friends and I had a little tea party to celebrate the end of the semester which we then realized was also the end of Fashion Year I (WHAT?!?!).

It was absolutely lovely, with lots of food and cute decorations. Massive shout out to Sarah Woodburne and Sarah Wong for planning the whole thing, and Sarah Woodburne and her family particularly for hosting and decorating and making us pretty desserts. Thanks also to Nat for making a great playlist for the party. It's still on repeat. Lastly, thank you to the rest of the class for bringing food and coming to the party and being awesome people in general. Woooooooooooo.

Okay. Photos!

Sarah Wong taking care of the sparkling apple cider. YAS.

Janiece on the balloon throne.

Look at how rad these flowers are and how well they match the cupcake frosting!

The prettiest cake pops I've ever seen. Ever.

I can't get over how pretty the china cups were. 

It was a tea party but I wasn't able to take any photos of us actually having tea. Whoops. But hey, how pretty are these teacups, amirite? (Thank you, Sarah Woodburne's grandma, for letting us use them.)

LaĆ­s and Stephanie flanking a mysterious-looking Sasha. 
Hannah, Sarah Woodburne, and Janiece having fun times playing games at the table.
Suzanne and Camille, post-selfie.
Connie: "take a picture of me taking a picture of you!"
The best cohort class I could have ever asked for. (No faces because Sarah's dad came to take a proper photo of all of us).

I'm never not thankful to have met these people. But I'll maybe make a sappy post about that some other time. 

Celebrate friendship!