Hello everyone! If you're someone that actually knows me in real life, you may be going "OMG YOU WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP????!?!?!"

Chill, guys. I wasn't. But very recently one of my closest friends got broken up with and it sucks. It hurts and it's confusing and it's never fun to lose a constant in your life. So as our group of friends teamed up to help her cope, I ended up compiling a little list of things that help when trying to move on from a break-up, or other sucky things (e.g. lost a job, failed a test, didn't get into your choice university/college, just a really bad day, etc.)

Hello everyone! So quite recently, I have made the decision to start working out and get healthy. As a way of educating myself on how I could do that, I stumbled upon this Buzzfeed post.

Hello, everyone! The first week of March is more or less over and it's been busy. Here's a few fun things that happened to me.