Puzzles, a Music Shop, and Some Vintage Clothes

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Hello, everyone! The first week of March is more or less over and it's been busy. Here's a few fun things that happened to me.

     On Monday after class, my friends decided to spontaneously try out Exit. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I was initially scared to do it (eerie music in a dark room??? Nope.) but once we actually started trying to figure out the clues, I really got into it. The puzzle-solver me was very happy. I just wish we had more time to figure it out but it makes sense that they make the time limit smaller so people come back to try again in order to finish. 

     I then went and bought fabric on Wednesday for a school project after my mum and I picked up my younger sister from school and we got to chill at Long & McQuade for a while so my sister could get some guitar picks and check out some instruments. As a result, she is now renting a bass guitar (dream come true for her!)

     Today, Friday, my class had a field trip to the Museum of Vancouver. It was my first time going there and I really enjoyed myself. We spent three hours inside the Rationing to Ravishing exhibit to draw. The clothes were amazing! If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. But just to warn you, it is ending on Sunday. My friends and I also checked out the Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver exhibit and it was really cool. It was interesting to see what the city was like years ago and the neon signs were beautiful. The weather was also great, the walk to the museum was peaceful, and there were lots of children on their own class field trips and it made me happy how excited they were to be there (they were there for the planetarium beside the museum).

     My family and I are off to the States for the weekend so here's hoping I don't get too tired for school early Monday morning. What did you guys do this week?

     P.S.- It's already Spring Forward on Sunday??? WHAT?? Last time I checked it was only two weeks into 2015. Time is weird.