Currently Jamming to: Saints of Valory, Jon Bellion

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Hello, everyone! So just a quick little update. School is back in full swing which means I already have a gajillion projects to work on for my classes, so posts for the next while will be less frequent ('cause I've been frequently and consistently posting, right? HA) and much shorter than the ones from the summer.

Anyway. When I'm working on new projects, I tend to look for new music to keep me from getting bored or distracted (I know this doesn't really make sense but that's how I work). It's also a new season so I need new music to  fit the weather/mood better. Here are two albums that I started listening to this weekend, and happened to really like. Yay to new music!

V, Saints of Valory

The Definition, Jon Bellion

I also just want to quickly congratulate the Student Experience Committee at school for a successful first (annual?) Designapalooza last Friday! It was great fun and you guys succeeded in getting us to talk to people in other programs. Good job.