Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

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shirt: Gap, long slit shirt: Reitmans, jacket: Banana Republic, shorts: H&M, shoes: Bass Shoes & co.

Hello everyone! So here is a little ootd photo and since it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I thought I'd add a quick list of things I'm thankful for.

  • I have a family, I have friends. People who take care of me and people to take care of.
  • I get to go to school, and for something that I really love.
  • I have a house and food to eat and a comfortable life.
  • I get to make stuff. I'm able to make stuff.
  • I'm in good health and so are the people I care about.
  • I've had the opportunity to grow up in two different countries and learn a whole lot in the process.
  • I'm given opportunities to grow all the time.
  • I receive opportunities to create more opportunities. 
  • I am in a position to help other people.
  • Life always finds a way to remind me of things I forget to be thankful for.
  • I have love around me all the time.
  • I'm still alive. Still living.

    What are you thankful for?

    Happy Thanksgiving,