What's in my bag?

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Hello, everyone! I thought I'd do the What's In My Bag tag. Tag? Is it considered a tag? I dunno. But it seemed fun. So. 

I change bags pretty often. I have my school bag and my "everyday" bag, which is pretty much just anywhere else but school. So I guess that makes it my errands bag, outing bag, etc. etc. bag. The everything bag? Anyway. Because I switch bags often, I have a set of "essential" things that I rarely leave the house without that I always make sure get transferred from bag to bag. 

Normally, I would have an umbrella in here (Vancouver livin'), but since it's been sunny the past while, I've felt comfortable leaving it at home. I bring a lot of things with me just in case, like a pen and a mini-notebook for those random ideas I get while I'm out. I also have hand sanitizer and tissues because you never know when you need it. 

Inside my clutch, I have the little odds and ends that would just get lost in my bag. Again, you can see that I like to be prepared. Oh, you unexpectedly got a blister from your new shoes? Don't worry. I've got band-aids. Glasses are super dirty? I've got you covered. I have my glasses cleaner. I also just have my flash drive on me because I wanna be prepared for unexpected file sharing. Also, it helps me not misplace it. Which used to happen a lot. 

There you guys go. A look at all the things that fill up my bag. For those of you particularly that ask me why my bag is always so big/full, now you know.

Happy weekend,