Oh, the places you will go: Granville Island

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Hello, everyone! I am starting a new series about my favourite places and any adventures that I have which I am calling "Oh, the Places You Will Go."  I am going to start it off with one of my favourite places in Vancouver: Granville Island.

Ah, Granville Island. Where do I even begin. There are so many things that I love about this place. From the food, the people, the buildings, studios and shops... Just EVERYTHING is great here. But if I went over all of that, this would end up being a massively long post. So let's make this an intro to Granville Island.

Granville Island is located by False Creek, in Vancouver, BC. Once a major industrial hub, it is now a popular tourist spot, filled with artist studios, artisanal shops and great food. The arts and design school, Emily Carr University, is also housed here. On any given day, you can walk around the Island and be met with street performers, and hear the sounds of glassmakers and carvers working away in their studios.

That's probably my favourite part about this place, and the reason why I love coming back: there's so much life here. Every time I'm here, there just always seems to be this air of creativity and a celebration for art and culture. And I love the idea of taking the rigid industrial elements of the place and turning it into that.

I'll have posts in the future about the rest of Granville Island but for now, just have these photos of the coolness that is Granville Island's aesthetic: industrial with a kick of colour and fun. Haha

 Where are your favourite adventure spots?